Tired of working all by yourself?

Are you a sales, marketing, communication, coaching, training or HR specialist? Have you been working by yourself for a bit too long? Does it sometimes feel as if the walls are closing in on you? Are you fed up with having too much work one month and not enough to do in the next? Come and have a talk with Forte.

In the coming months and years, we have a lot of opportunities coming our way. Not all at once, but there’s certainly enough work to strengthen our team with self-employed people (who may even become partners).

1 ° Business Leader Forte People

Our new staffing department is looking for a regional manager. The regional manager can be a full-time team success lead, but we do not exclude setting up a collaboration with someone who is already active in this domain (or thought about starting a small company). That you are good at team assessment, coaching and onboarding people, does not mean that you are constantly working on sales and market development. We can cover that for you, while you focus on your strengths.

Interesting? Contact us for an informal talk

2 ° Sales & Marketing Architect

We found someone for this position, but growth means that sooner or later we will need people to strengthen our team of Sales & Marketing Specialists. Probably not in the short term. But you never know that you have just that one specific skill that we need to successfully complete a current project.

Rather be safe than sorry, so contact us now and we can have a talk about your and our future plans

3 ° Communication Specialist

This is a traditional position at Forte at the team were it all started. Even that team can use reinforcement in the long run. Especially coming from young people who have social media skills, know about vlogging and other new cool stuff. Freelance, subcontracting, collaboration, … it is all negotiable.

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