The fastest way to a Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Establishing a customer-oriented strategy starts by determining the Unique Value Proposition or UVP. Given all your products and services, for which added value does your organization want to be known? For clients, but also – and perhaps even more importantly for the marketer – with potential customers, potential new colleagues, potential investors and all other types of stakeholders as well.

Defining the shortest route to such a value proposition can be done really fast. For smaller companies, it is merely a matter of a few (half) days to find that route. With larger companies, it takes a bit longer, but that is often entirely due to the alignment of the management team.


Our Master Class B2B Branding starts on January 15, 2019. And during the first day, our colleague and Industry 4.0 expert – Jan Lagast – will be facilitating you with drawing up such a value proposition in under 1 hour. Afterwards, we will be working closely together to find the UVP for your company.

BTW, did you know that to assist you in the ‘implementation phase’ of this course we will provide you with a personal Forte coach? 

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