Reinventing Value Creation As A Marketeer

Industry 4.0 is forcing us to reinvent work by creating possibilities. For instance, in 2017 The Washington Post deployed a bot to produce 850 articles that generated more than 500,000 clicks. This may sound small in the grand scheme of things, but for these stories not even 1 minute of staff-time was required. Did you know that about 8.5% of Wikipedia is written by AI? To put things in perspective: How much time would you need to write 490,515 articles?

The figure below represents the essence of what is really happening.


It all makes perfect sense, right? If you think about it, is the future marketeer an expert in writing? Or is (s)he able to generate traffic? Does (s)he create value through single shots of content? Or do you feel it is more important to build and continuously improve the acquisition processes? How about translating them into (daily) practices and living the brand?

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