Customer Value Integrator


I differentiate sales and marketing approaches at our customers so that they can exceed their promise of customer value.

my core skills

  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Centricity
  • Customer Value Management
  • Direct Sales Support
  • Value Proposition
  • Customer Perception Survey
  • Customer Services
  • Marketing Strategy & Plan
  • Digital Marketing
  • Services & Offering Design
  • Lead Generation

my story line

My focus is on detecting and clarifying customer value – the promise that our customers make to their customers. I develop a strategy map containing interventions in various fields that enable our customers to realize their promise.

I guide companies in the evolution from product centricity to customer centricity. I detect which changes and innovations are needed in their sales and marketing processes and guide their implementation and integration.

I manage project budgets and keep a careful eye on the optimal use of available time and resources. When needed, I arrange for additional resources to be deployed. I plan with a view to offering support to our customers to realize their evolution toward customer centricity.

My role requires continuous fine-tuning, discussions and monitoring of expectations with colleagues and teams at our customers. I pass down questions that fall outside my expertise to the Forte team so that we can realize our promise as well.