Brand Value Integrator


I develop and implement content strategies which clarify the promise of customer added value and lay the foundation for a strong brand.

my core skills

  • Thought Leadership
  • Customer Centricity
  • Content Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Communication Plan
  • Content Ceation
  • Content Curation

my story line

I ensure that the added value our customers are offering is translated into strategic content. The aim is to create a much clearer understanding among their customers of where the added value can be found and eliminate tensions between expectations and offer. I develop content strategies, optimize the approaches and ensure that the content is seen, read and experienced so that our customers obtain a pole position.

I challenge our customers and help them acquire the necessary insights to take the right actions by themselves. I guide them to improve their processes and find ways to contribute to the brand value (for example, by turning their own employees into influencers, expanding the channels through which content is distributed, etc.).

I build a relationship of trust with customers and discuss different approaches and options, along with their budgetary implications. I detect, anticipate and take the lead when extra hands (colleagues) are needed.

I plan according to implicit and explicit expectations and detect where we can reinforce our expertise within the Forte organization. I pass down questions that fall outside my field of expertise to the Forte team so that we can realize our promise as well.