Understanding the impact of I4.0 on your market (approach)

Jan Lagast, 04/10/2017 11:32pm

Forte organizes a business succes trip to the Porsche driving centre in Leipzig on November 16 and 17. The main theme is how to get a clear advance on the market when I4.0 sets in. Some CEOs are evaluating whether they would join us on this trip together with some of their colleagues. Here is what we mailed them today.

There are many reasons why a team of two or three crucial managers would have to participate all together. When joining our trip as a team, they will speak the same language afterwards and get much more insights when they will have been living through this experience all together. But there is also a very basic practical reason for this. You can bring your own case and have the entire program work for you, while you learn. Here is how that goes.

  • First, you pick a relevant offering/market-combination from your own business. Relevant means you ask yourself how your market will change when I4.0 sets in, and how you could be the first mover who changes that market. Pick a "small" case that goes with a compact story, rather than "this are all the offerings and markets we want to look into". Compact cases bring the best results.
  • The case is sent to all of the lecturers, so they will already change their presentation towards the cases they will have been looking into on beforehand.
  • The first evening is about the changing market and competition. DHL Deutsche Post is going to explain their own case and their learnings. After that, we will use Lego Serious Play to visualize the market of your case. And we will look into various scenario's to understand how to capture value on that changing market in the coming years. When there is a team in Leipzig, the team gets all the time and attention to dive deep into the personal case.  
  • Day two starts with the cases of Still and SEW Eurodrive. They will explain why they fundamentally changed their offering and marketing. Afterwards three lecturers will help you challenge your own offering. 
  • Then there is a factory visit showing how Porsche tackles the new business and orders in their I4.0 factory. 
  • And in the afternoon, we will look into the evolution of the value perception over time, and the changing role of account management towards customer success management in order to keep a positive long term value perception, less churn and recurrent business. This setting is a based on a software-controlled peer-to-peer interview technique. And you can chose for double time in peers from your company, or double feedback when each of you peers with someone else.
  • Finally, the adrenaline hotlaps at the Porsche driving experience center, the lunches, stimulated C-level networking, ... all will add to this great experience.

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