Partnership between Forte and Agoria

Bjorn Cocquyt, 18/04/2017 1:00pm

Forte has entered a structural partnership with Agoria, the professional federation of technological industry in Belgium. For the Agoria member companies Forte can become an important service provider, offering specials conditions.

With more than 1,700 member companies, accounting for approximately 300,000 workers, Agoria is one of Belgiums leading professional federations. Its members are mainly companies that have engineers and specialized technology-minds in charge.

Though Sales & Marketing are key for any company – since it is the most important source of income – it is not typically the engineers' passion. “That’s exactly why the Agoria members are an important target audience for Forte”, says Jan Lagast, partner at Forte. “Especially now that Industry 4.0 has become a reality, companies should rely on the services of Forte for their Sales & Marketing.”

The partnership between Agoria and Forte is a good opportunity for companies to do so. Thanks to the partnership Agoria members get special conditions when they call on the services of Forte.

Feel free to contact Forte, if you want more information about these special conditions

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