Lessons learned from our open session on Customer Success Management

Bjorn Cocquyt, 04/09/2017 10:00am

Forte’s open session on Customer Success Management last Thursday 28/09 was a success. Jan Lagast concisely gave his view on Customer Success Management and outlined the evolution that will impact Customer Relationship Management.

  • The Account Manager’s role has evolved from a financial role in the olden days, over a commercial role to a Customer Success Manager nowadays.
  • A shift from B2B to smaller orders in a dynamic consumer context on the one hand; and to a C2C (corporate-to-corporate) environment with big orders through platform connections. In both branding becomes more and more important, changing the role of the classic Account Manager.
  • What started with SaaS has evolved to a business where everything is serviced. A lot of these services are provided for free by Account Managers. Now that Industry 4.0 is enforcing services onto the product offering of manufacturing companies and increasing the need for client-perceived value to make the big difference, your Account Managers hold the key to a bigger margin.

To do that, Jan concluded, you need to train your people in value capturing and coach teams in value delivery.

Our second speaker Tom Carnewall illustrated Jan’s theory from his own experience. He described how he – as MIS Director at Selligent – introduced Customer Success Management in his company, and how he experienced that shift as a client of Salesforce.

Tom’s best practices:

  • Selligent involves its service people early in complete sales cyclus form presales to post-signature on boarding
  • Six monthly survey to clients: ‘Did we successfully help you?’
  • Customer oriented KPI’s
  • Use tools to monitor customer behaviour and to quickly react on deviations and changes. (e.g. with data from Salesforce)
  • The ‘Health Score’ of clients is a crucial parameter for Selligent’s Relationship Managers.

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