Inspiring CxO Leadership Forum on I4.0

Bjorn Cocquyt, 06/09/2017 10:00am

Yesterday Jan Lagast (Forte) and Marc Sonnaert (Master of Interaction) joined the inspiring CxO Leadership Forum. No less than 75 C-levels exchanged their views on Industry 4.0 in the magnificent Havenhuis in Antwerp.

Topics covered at the forum included e.g. which data will be necessary to outperform competitors. But we also thought about how to effectively roll out Industry 4.0 in your supply chain. Being the boss of an SME you know very well that you can’t changes everything everywhere all at once. Which choices do you make, where do you start implementing the I4.0 practice, what are the first investments you’ll make, what can you postpone…

‘The forum was an excellent opportunity to learn from peers. And it was very interesting to see how directors can inspire each other’, Jan said afterwards.

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Havenhuis Antwerpen