Industry 4.0 is about people, not about machines

Bjorn Cocquyt, 30/08/2017 9:00am

The world is changing, says Brad Keywell, co-founder and CEO of Uptake, in an article on the World Economic Forum website. The fourth industrial revolution is happening and will affect us all. But contrary to what most people think I4.0 is not about computers and machines, but about people.

“Automation, machine learning, mobile computing and artificial intelligence are no longer futuristic concepts, they are our reality”, Keywell says. And he strongly believes that these innovations will make the world stronger and better.

The changes may seem scary, but most people just need a shift in mindset. People can be better at their jobs with today’s technology, rather than fearing that their human skills will be devalued. The combined power of technology, data and the human brain will help us make smarter decisions, solve tougher problems and do our jobs better.

Exactly Forte’s point of view on the matter!

Read the full article on the World Economic Forum website

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