How IoT changes your (business) game

Bjorn Cocquyt, 26/10/2017 4:43pm

Learn how IoT can increase the competitive advantage of a classic product. During our open info session of November 30th Jannes Van de maele explains how to turn an ordinary bike into a recurring services generator. And Jan Lagast will explain how such an innovation gives traditional product manufacturers a great chance to move ahead of the pack.

Internet of Things shifts the power

A bike traditionally leaves the factory towards the dealer, and that’s where it all ends for the manufacturer. The product seldom returns to the factory (or it’s bad news). And the dealer is the one that has all the power, since that is where the end customer is hooked in. 

By introducing sensors and a digital platform, the bike is connected to the manufactur over its life-time, returning valuable data. And that turns the manufacturer into a game changer, who can help the dealer win as well.

This is true for most products, whether that be textile products, party equipment, complex machines or basic equipement & tools, baby care,... you name it. When you can manufacture it, you can now add IoT and become the leader of the competitive field.

Learn how IoT can change your business

Learn how the Internet of Things can change your business and give you a competitive advantage, during our open session on November 31th at the Forte offices.

More information and free registration on our event page.

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