Why Industry 4.0 converts (free) Account managers into (money-making) Customer Success Managers ...

Fanny Libin, 15/09/2017 9:00am

There is an army of highly skilled people in each B2B company, who are used as client-relationship building resources that are offered for free. Turn them into an asset that creates value, and you will see the difference on the topline of the company.

Now that Industry 4.0 is enforcing services onto the product offering of manufacturing companies and increasing the need for client-perceived value to make the big difference, your account managers hold the key to a bigger margin.

Why participate?
• Because it impacts your margin drastically
• Change a huge cost into a huge profit

Practical information
• Thursday 28 September, 14h - 16h at the Forte Offices in Melle
• Dutch spoken

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