Forte proudly presents Daniel Clovin

Bjorn Cocquyt, 19/06/2017 9:00am

Daniël Clovin has been working for Forte as Marketing Advisor since the end of 2016. Daniël brings along his branding experience for B2B at Recticel and Remarkable and has worked as B2B Marketing Managemer at Brady.

As an expert in B2B branding, Daniël will see to it that Forte’s strategic exercises will result in a strong industrial brand. He will guide the development of a visual identity and a communication plan that will introduce the Forte brand to all stakeholders: clients, team members, recruits, government, shareholders…

Tomorrow Daniël will be speaking at the Forte offices in Melle on the impact of Industry 4.0 on B2B marketing communications at our free info session. He will go deeper into the necessary changes companies need to make to manage the sales & marketing processes. The info session will highlight the need to have a strong industrial brand in Industry 4.0.

Though seats are limited, you can still register for this event

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