Indian Summer News >> Forte is hiring 10 Industrial Sales & Marketing Management experts (M/V)

Jan Lagast, 04/10/2017 4:56pm

What an Indian Summer! Forte will be hiring 10 success leads and success architects (M/V) with a strong expertise in Business and Industrial Sales & Marketing Management, and a passion for obtaining results in the real business world of our clients. 

  • Sales Success Architect (one urgently needed, two welcome): you design the sales organisation of our clients in close cooperation with the Business Success Lead. You convince our client and their management team of the benefits of your design. Then you help them implement it, help them attract the right people, help them set up the right reporting and sales management processes, help them select the right CRM tools, etc. The main goal is to guide them through the ISM4.0 storm, and ensure they become and remain successful. 
  • Sales Success Leads (permanent hiring of several candidates, looking for two-three new colleagues): you show our clients how to obtain results with the new sales organisation that we recently designed for them. You are taking the lead and have the responsibility over a market or a team for a period of several months or years. The roles can be sales execution, networking, sales management, account management, key account management. The roles will vary, as will the clients. The job can be local, or international.
  • Marketing Success Architect (permanent hiring of several candidates, looking for one more now): you design the marketing organisation and draft the marketing plan of our clients -- and we mean marketing in the broadest sense, i.e. marketing strategy, UVP, marketing team, corporate communications, marketing communications, branding, go-to-market strategy, product & services offering, pricing, communications planning, etc. You convince the client of the benefits of your plan. And then you help them set up the team, implement the plan, coordinate and redirect initiatives, coach the team. Main goal is to increase the results of the clients marketing initiatives and ensure they become and remain successful over the next years when the I4.0 storm will set in.
  • Marketing Success Lead (permanent hiring of several candidates, one-two welcome): you are taking the lead of the marketing activities of a couple of our clients, and ensure that they are successful. The scope of the assignments can be a specific marketing topic like conversation management, or the full spectrum of marketing, from strategy, over planning and budgeting, all the way to the day-to-day reality in the coordination of concrete communications activities as well as the coaching of marketing people and suppliers. Main goal is to achieve concrete results for the client who often has no marketing expertise on board, but understands the necessity to create a brand now, before they are going to be annihilated by the storm I4.0 is going to create.
  • Business Success Lead (one needed for industrial multinationals, one for entrepreneurial scale-ups): you are taking the lead of the entire advisory and consulting trajectory with which we take an international company on a journey towards better results. You will ensure the client obtains a bigger margin over the next three to five years. You will be the Forte colleague who will be the end-responsible for the success fee that we will get from this client when the results will be visible and measureable. We are looking for a target-driven passionate sparring partner for the general manager or the BU manager from our client. You also have to be a passionate team leader who can bring the entire Forte team to a higher level, and keep them on track to achieve real results during and after the I4.0 storm.  

Our values are

  • Passion
  • Trust
  • Results

Our Leads and Architects are typically independent experts who have their own business set up, yet need a team to have more fun and support, and do not want to chase clients on their own.

Yes? Mail to Koen Persyn.

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