Everyone will be sales

Bjorn Cocquyt, 16/05/2017 9:00am

Everyone will be sales, at least that is what our HR knowledge partner CPM says in an interesting blog post on their website. Inspired by the Commanity event on sales management in Ghent last March, CPM came to the conclusion that “all of us, no matter what our role in the organization is, are involved in sales.”

CPM rightfully claims that people are as vital to a company as water is to men. People make the company they work for. “They are your means of making your strategy (come true). People are the beginning, figures are the end, and everything in between is sales, which in turn is all about people, of course.”

The role of your people in sales will be even bigger in Industry 4.0: “Buying and selling things is no longer a task done solely by the sales department. We are all customers in one sense and suppliers in another. It’s an open secret that, within that 360° sales story, emotion - the defining human characteristic - is playing an increasingly more important role. It’s all about people.”

Read the full article on the CPM website
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