Today's capital increase concludes Forte’s fund raising

Bjorn Cocquyt, 10/04/2017 5:00pm

Monday April 10, the holding company Forte NV concluded its fund raising with another 150.000 euro new capital from private investors. Last year Participium already invested 515.000 euro in the holding company. In December 2016 Participium and private investors together, invested another 580.000 euro in two new subsidiary companies of Forte.

Forte and its subsidiaries guide executives, managers and commercial teams in industrial companies towards success in the midst of the storm of Industry 4.0. For that goal, Forte has created three subsidiaries: an industrial branding and marketing agency, a people-focused agency that offers Sales & Marketing mentoring and interim management services, and a European institute that is to become thé preferred knowledge center specialised in Industrial Sales & Marketing 4.0

With an extra 150.000 euro for the holding company the fund raising round for Forte comes to a conclusion. Now it's time to focus on clients and their successes.

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