B2B branding actually ís worth the investment

Bjorn Cocquyt, 30/10/2017 9:00am

Last Tuesday October 24th our open session ‘How to motivate B2B branding in your 2018 budget’ took place the Forte offices. We were happy to once more welcome quite a few interested people.

The most important lesson we learned from this session undoubtedly was that, as a marketer, you have to secure your B2B branding budget. In terms of branding, management is not always convinced that they get value for and return on their investment.

Industry 4.0 offers you an excellent opportunity to convince your directors that certain changes are accelerating. Cases discussed in the session show that branding, company image, value and purpose can change the role of your company on the market drastically. Take Fairphone: with fair materials and in good working conditions they produce ethical reusable smartphones. Purely based on their ethical values Fairphone is ready to compete with giants like Apple and Samsung.

Next time you have a budget meeting with your boss, you know how to convince him or her that branding actually is worth the investment! Start thinking about the market, your position on it, the value and the purpose of your company today.

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