courses: 3 themed programs

The needs and challenges of B2B companies and organisations are getting more and more complex, so the question now is how to create customer value and brand value so that we can grow our business. So, we would like to invite you to discover some state-of-the-art programs and tools that will help us to create and deliver brand value.


27 September 2018

24 october 2018
How to create a strong B2B brand

  • Implementation of brand strategies.
  • B2B Brand Architecture: centralization vs. decentralization and standardized vs. customized offerings.
  • Brand Portfolio Management & the importance of innovation.
27 September 2018

15 januari 2019
Developing brands for B2B markets

  • A new understanding of B2B stakeholders.
  • Know your customers’ journey.
  • The importance of brand experiences in B2B.
  • Define your Brand Value Creation strategy.
  • The relevance of Positioning and Corporate identity.
27 September 2018

26 february 2019
Selecting the right channels

  • Determining the right communication mix for each phase in the buyer journey.
  • Why Mobile and Social Media are becoming a must in B2B.
  • From mere transactions to loyal partnerships and even brand evangelists.
  • The growing importance of storytelling.