Industry4.0 is happening

outside the walls of your company

In the June/July issue of CxO Forte partner Jan Lagast wrote an article on Industry4.0 happening outside the walls of your company, on the market. Jan claims that the future of companies is not hidden in financial numbers, but that it is based on the future design of the market. Since that market design will change several times, supply chain redesign will be your lifetime job.

CEO’s need to broaden their view. It’s no longer enough to monitor and improve internal processes. Industry4.0 forces you to re-evaluate your role on a market that will become more and more volatile. This volatile business context makes the future of any company uncertain.

CEO’s who want to prepare for I4.0, should therefore be careful not to spend too much time with technology providers. Go see the market first. And go all the way downstream towards the final consumer of each supply chain in which you play some role of importance. Evaluate the supply chain you are currently working in, and simulate the effects of several potential new supply chain designs tomorrow.

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