Five steps towards a great 4.0 brand

indu40 Define Purpose

Define Purpose

Get all major deciders aligned on one clear stakeholder-centric company purpose. 

indu40 Map Network


Understand the full 360° business context including all relevant stakeholders, agents, and competitors.

indu40 Plan Journey

Plan Journey

Develop a plan to become the value-capturing magnet your organization wants to be in the eyes of all relevant beholders.

indu40 Create Tools

Create Tools

Both old and new media are needed to communicate your message to the ecosystem. Be aware to communicate consistently ... about the target's value and win-win.  

indu40 Become True

Become True

Involve all stakeholders in permanently communicating the right message to each of the stakeholders. And more, start living the purpose, so that your company intentions become more and more true. 

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360° Ecosystem Map

Be sure to understand the position of your organization within its ecosystem of stakeholders, agents, and competitors. Gets you more confident about the corporate vision. And, lays the foundation for for future planning, and reporting. 

Potential results: stakeholder map, magnet message map, market and ecosystem analysis.

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Corporate Media 

Or do you want to let it grow organically, and start with one medium first? Creating an annual report or a new website often triggers the broader exercise to think about the purpose of the organization.   

Potential media: annual report, whitepaper, celebration book, website, corporate brochure, tablet-based company browser. 

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Customer-centric purpose

Best way, is to first define the customer- or stakeholder-oriented purpose of your organization, including all relevant deciders. That way, you create the essential foundation for long-term and lasting branding effort results.

Potential results: clear purpose, management alignment, executive-level involvement.

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