Five steps towards a great 4.0 team

indu40 team scan

Team Scan

Understand what is missing in and around your team, to get your people geared towards 4.0 business results.

indu40 team mentoring

Team Mentoring

Mentoring your team to achieving lasting results in the rapidly changing 4.0 business context.

indu40 team players

Team players

Adding (temporary) team players who fill in additional resource gaps, and add modern 4.0 skills.

indu40 career scan

Career Scan

Understand the drivers that are disrupting your job and carreer, and get on top of industrial sales & marketing management 4.0.

indu40 career mentoring

Career Mentoring

Get a personal mentor who guides you through the rapidly changing world of industrial sales & marketing 4.0.

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4.0 Team Scan

Do you have the right people sitting on the bus ... and, is the bus designed for 4.0 business results?

Potential results: dream team chart, skill and resources gap map, personal development plans for team members.

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4.0 Career Scan

Are you pushing the right "buttons", and using the right tactics for commercial success in Industry 4.0?  

Potential results: personal development & training plan, 4.0 career map, company vision match & gap map.

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