Does Industry 4.0 require us to become technology experts?

Not even two years have passed since the talk of the town was “will technology replace humans or will it support humans”? Today the answer seems crystal clear; technology will support humans. Driven by fast adaptation curves, technologies like AR will enable humans to uplift the value generated by their role, with continuously increasing speed.

Examples can be found everywhere. The car mechanic following clear instructions projected in 3D with the help of his AR device will no longer need to focus on the technical aspect. Customer service employees will receive input of malfunctioning devices with the support of IoT long before customers even know something is wrong, elevating service quality to new heights. Machine operators will be able to take a virtual peek in production devices when things go wrong, allowing them to anticipate more efficiently.

Does this mean that everyone needs to become a digital adept? Does this mean everyone has to have a full understanding of what big data, AR, blockchain or Phyton means? Most definitely not. However, we do need a shift in mindset.

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