Did you know that B2B is evolving into B2C and even into E2E?

One of the classic roles of B2B marketing is to provide more sales leads. Depending on your business model, a few weeks to a few months later Sales will receive a typical order of several 10K euros. And this is exactly the part where B2B is changing drastically!


B2B becomes more B2C

While the average value per transaction through digital platforms is getting smaller, we are talking about orders of just a few dozen to a few hundred euros (per month) here, the number of customers multiplies and it rapidly becomes less profitable to send a sales rep to customers. And a (fast) growing number of smaller transactions simply requires B2C marketing tricks (instead of B2B).


And B2B also turns into E2E

At the same time, the need for enterprise relevance also increases. Before larger organizations agree to connect to a digital platform of a B2B player, that B2B player first needs to work hard on its corporate reputation. Raising their brand is just one of the many demands. As a direct consequence, Enterprise-2-Enterprise is therefore very important for a classic B2B company.


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