Authentic brands in Industry 4.0


The need for B2B branding initiatives was traditionally fueled by the growing awareness to raise above the competition. “Today, good marketing practice is only a starting-point on the verge of the Industry 4.0 wave ahead”, says Daniel Clovin, Forte’s Marketing Advisor.

The business cases from Philips and Fairphone illustrate this premise:

From value centric marketing to value centric business

Philips Circular Lighting introduced a new value-based business model to B2B-customers in the context of circular economy. It shifts the customer perspective from buying lamps to investing in light. The customer basically pays for the light used and no longer for the lamps. The customer value is in the reduction of operational costs and a clear savings potential over time. An online calculation-tool offers prospect a low-threshold upfront simulation.

From purpose centricity to purpose centric business

Fairphone launched the world’s first ethical, modular smartphone. The strong conviction of designer and founder Bas Van Abel quickly convinced some big operators to partner-up. This initiative, driven by personal beliefs and purpose, made a mark in the difficult smartphone market. Today Fairphone is recognized as a leader with regards to sustainability.

These cases show that in Industry 4.0 branding, company image, value and purpose can change the role of your company on the market drastically.

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